About Minderise

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the way the mind works and what it can create. To this day I think of curiosity and imagination as a driving force in life. And to this day I believe there’s more to learn and explore about myself and the same applies to all people. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a restless one. The one who has thousands of ideas they want to do. They start with an idea, or quite often with a ten of them parallelly, with tons of enthusiasm but never follow through because the enthusiasm and the fun part runs out, life happens, some more attractive idea pops along or I bump to first obstacles. It brings a lot of frustration, not just about the brilliant ideas that get wasted in the process, but about myself. Nobody really wants to be known for not being able to complete anything they start.

As I got older and began to acknowledge these moments more, the curious part of me began to ask questions to find out why did the fuel ran out again before reaching the end goal. What was wrong with my plan? Did I even have a plan? When was the moment that defined the destined-for-doom fate for the idea? What made it so bad that it turned out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back? Was this idea even an idea that aligned with my personality and who I am? Do I even know who I am? Yeah, it got pretty existential sometimes

While I didn’t know the definite answers to many of my questions, my explorer mind started to come up with possible answers and ways to test their validity. This was the thing that made me put more thought and less impulse into my actions and bring more structure into the process. Over time I learned more about how I function and how I can hack myself to avoid my previous pitfalls. By becoming more analytical of my actions, I noticed that I became more tolerant of my failures. In fact, to the point where I didn’t see them as failures but as a sign to look back at the most recent cycle – what worked, what didn’t, how can I change what didn’t work?

Each round came with dozens of aha moments with ideas and strategies to apply. I realized that they have been in my mind all along, popping up every now and then, but slipping away just as fast as they came. I started writing my thoughts down so that I can go back to them as I needed instead of shuffling through my memory. That collection of journals and notes and documents got a name from me – Project Minderise. The core foundation of any goal I set to myself.

From the fact that you have reached the end of this post, I can guess that maybe you were able to relate to some of these thoughts and ideas as well. Feel free to browse my notes library for something you can add to your own journey or check out the 7-day mini journey or 28-day full journey that guides you through the steps and tools that may help you find answers to your own questions and explorations.

See where your mind can rise!