Setting Time Boundaries To Avoid Burning Out

The beginning of a new project is often like a tsunami – big and powerful. Your enthusiasm keeps you working on it at the expense of your nightly sleep and you feel like your motivation and drive are unlimited resources. But as time passes and initial enthusiasm fades, so does the project.

Set yourself up for success by dedicating only a small bit of time regularly. Analyze your daily schedule and find a timeslot maximum of 15-30 minutes that’s present every day and commit to spending that time and not a second more on your project. The timeslot should be long enough for you to get a small step toward the end goal done but short enough to not tire you. Instead, you should leave the project feeling you could have done so much more and eagerly waiting the next day so that you can continue

By forbidding yourself to spend more than only 15-30 minutes per day on it, you will avoid burning your motivation out, and developing unpleasant feelings towards the project and you will instead begin to look forward to the next day more eagerly!